Friday, July 27, 2012

A Project Day!

By Jake

Living on a boat comes with a lot of projects. No more than a home, yet we would say a boat's projects are more consequential.  On a daily basis we take notes and make lists of projects that need to be completed and decided which of those need to be higher on the priority list; just as a homeowner would do.  We recently completed a major overhaul to Pura Vida which thankfully has shortened our list of projects for the future.  The work we completed in this overhaul was nothing less than major.  Some cosmetic, but more on the structural side.  Which allows us to now move onto the smaller projects on our list and give us a lot of faith in our boat.

Our teak Decks with missing bungs!
A close up of a missing bung
Pura Vida has strips of teak held down by small screws on the deck.  Looking at it, you would not realize but this is a labor of love that keeps the teak in place and the wood in proper shape.  Each of the screws in the teak has a tiny piece of wood called a "Bung" that cover them, giving the illusion of no screws.  Over time these are worn down and must be replaced.  This project is easy yet time consuming.  Today we started tackling the time consuming bung replacement.  We remove each bung and screw.  To avoid water from leaking into the core of the deck  a slightly larger hole is drilled and a new screw covered in sealant (Life Seal) is screwed into the teak. After that the next step is to apply waterproof wood glue to the hole then lightly hammer a new bung into place.  Without the sealant and replacement of these we would have a huge project on our hands.  Later on we will take a chisel and clean the deck so everything looks as though it is in one piece.    

New Stainless Steel Screws And teak Bungs
BoatLife Live Seal our choice for this Project!

Bungs waiting for the glue to dry
As we have mentioned, this does take time but it is very important for Pura Vida.  To keep us out on the water and smooth sailing in the future many of these projects are ongoing and will always be there.  The time and effort we put into this wonderful boat helps us appreciate and love it just a little more.  We are thankful for its power and strength and its ability to be our home as well as our traveling vessel. 

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