Sunday, August 5, 2012

Checking The Storms

Hurricane Irene last year was a storm that wasn’t able to cripple the Virgin Islands, but it did cause some damage.  It was nothing less than an adventure living through Irene on our boat.  We were in our foul weather gear, on a mooring fighting the storm.  Not ever experiencing a hurricane or anything like it before, I was horrified.  We chaffed through numerous lines, and kept changing them, stayed awake as much as we could that night just praying it would pass.  Talking to our parents and friends and having them checking the weather to see where it was and how much longer we could expect it. 
I was really hoping we would be moved away from St. Thomas for this hurricane season, but here we are still working and hoping to leave eventually.  Right now we are checking storms, and watching the updates from the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration).  These storms cause me severe anxiety and I really hope that we don’t have any serious hurricane here this season.  I check the updates often through out the day to watch the storms.  Right now there is Tropical Storm Ernesto and Tropical Storm Florence that we are tracking.  We are watching their next move, their speed, pressure and direction. 

The uncertainty scares me.  The power that Mother Nature has is absolutely amazing yet absolutely frightening.  In one storm all that we have can just be ripped away from us.  We could lose everything; It’s scary to think about.  So here is to hoping and praying we have a successful hurricane season without disaster and without fear.  We are unaware of the power that these storms hold until they arrive and we feel the power and energy that they carry.  

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