Friday, September 28, 2012

A Dog On a Motor Bike?

As many of you know Tina and I get around St Thomas solely on our scooters.  We are known for our scooters and of course, Dozer.  Purchasing these motor bikes was one of the best things we have done for living on this island.  On a daily bases we get asked how Dozer gets around.  We always smile and tell them he rides the scooter, which gets a funny reactions, as you probably already guessed.  Early on my dad introduced Dozer to riding a scooter, helping us to take him to places like the vet and anywhere he needs to go.  Here is a short video we shot to help you envision our scooter riding dog.

We get told daily how great our little Dozer is, and those of you that know him are always saying how much you miss him.  We decided to start making short videos as a hobby, showcasing his talents. Hope these will help your Dozer fix. This is the first of many that we will be creating and sharing to keep you all up to date on him and his shenanigans.   

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