Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hot and Cold

                Today was a no breeze day.  The sun intensely beat down on us as we worked on the sand and the sea.  It was one of those days that you are fully clothed in light colors trying to stay cool and wishing you were in a bathing suit.  Every part of your body dripping with sweat and no matter how much water you drink, shade you seek you just can't get away from the heat.  I got through the day and as the sun started to set  I could feel the earth cooling and welcomed it.  
              It was nice to come home from work to our A/C in the boat, and my husband preparing dinner.  He made this delicious butternut squash soup with all kinds of vegetables and deliciousness.  In my book, I would never classify today as being a "soup day" but we had some squash and my husband has some talent.  It was delicious and that soup is welcome on hot or cold days.  
After dinner we decided we wanted to go out on a date to the movies.  We took Dozer on our evening walk and then headed out to see "The Words".  We enjoy going to the theater here because it is good clean fun, the tickets are cheaper than the states, and they make it very cold inside which is a very nice escape from the heat.  The movie was interesting.  I remember seeing previews for it and telling Jake that we should see it.  I was exhausted and did dose off a couple of times.  The acting was good, the story line was interesting yet totally confusing.  You will have to watch it and let me know what you think.
As we were driving home on our motor bike scooters I felt chilly.  I thought about how incredible it is that today could be so hot and tonight be so chilly.  The air was crispy and chilled.  Almost like the fall in Utah.  I was shivering but I was happy.  
Today was a good day.  Now I will be happy to lay my head on the pillow and drift off in my dreams. 

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