Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Leaving on a Jet Plane in 15 Days

15 days until Jake and I leave on vacation.  We are counting down because we are so excited for a break from island life.

You may think we are crazy but here are some of the things we are anticipating about being stateside!

  •  Visiting Family and Friends
We have family and close friends in Maryland, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania …hoping to get to all those places in our short time on the east coast.

Eating delicious food that we don’t have here
“Fresh Mex”ican food, BBQ, Cold Stone, and Sushi

   The Boat Show
Finding and purchasing new products for our boating life, and viewing beautiful boats

     Sailing Lessons
You may or may not know that I don’t truly know how to sail (Jake does, so don't panic).  I have lived aboard a sailboat and been sailing a bunch… but I personally need to learn before we embark on our new adventure of cruising.  I am EXTREMELY NERVOUS and EXCITED about the sailing courses in Annapolis.  Should be fun!

    Getting Massages
I know this may sound outrageous but I have been craving a professional massage for months.

    Taking a Bath
Again… I am not crazy.  Water is very precious here, and we don’t exactly have a bathtub… so a nice LONG ,WARM shower, or bath sounds absolutely divine!

(Costco, Target, West Marine, etc.)
We are slowly running out of certain products we bring down from the states.  We will be doing a lot of shopping for shampoo, conditioner, dog food, toothpaste, and a variety of other random things that cost a fortune here.

Are there simple things that  you miss doing or seeing because of where you live?  I know these are absurd things to miss and be excited about, but we live a very simple life here and feel thrilled to take part in these things occasionally! 

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