Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"Top 5 Things I Enjoy About St. Thomas"

The Negative Cleanse Begins!
"Top 5 Things I Enjoy About St. Thomas"            
    Pelicans. They are absolutely hilarious to watch as they dive bomb the fish.  If you ever watch a pelican compete with a seagull for a fish you can most definitely count on the pelican to win.  
   The View.  After a long day the beautiful views can always give a breath of fresh air and re-energize me.  
The Movie Theater.  Jake and I enjoy movies.  The theater often has  movies like “Step Up” and “Madea Goes to Jail”, but once in a while there are a few movies that we can’t wait and see. The tickets are only $7 a person (compared to the states it is dirt cheap!). The movie theater is almost a must do on date nights. :) 
Money, Money, Money.  This island is very expensive to live. When you are wise about your money, it is amazing how much you can earn and save.  There is a high season and a low season.  Currently we are experiencing the low season.  The months of September and October are not the ideal for saving money; but the other months will most definitely give you that cushion.  We are not making 6 digits, though we are comfortable.  And we feel we have found a way to live here and save which is hard for the majority of the locals that don’t always use their money wisely.  We are thankful for this and it has been one of the key factors that have kept us here this long… the money.
Other islands are close.  St. John is probably the closest of the islands that we visit.  It is nice to be able to escape St. Thomas once in a while.  For $12 a person round trip you can jump on a passenger ferry and be there in 25 minutes.  St. John has beautiful hiking, beaches, yummy restaurants, and a change of scenery. 

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