Friday, October 12, 2012

A World Of Color By Crayola

Did you know the first crayon color named by a child is called "Macaroni and Cheese"?  This is something Jake and I learned at the Crayola Factory in Easton, PA.  This is a place that gives you a wonderful, educational and colorful experience.   As we walked in I felt like we were walking into an elementary school, the building looked like a school in some ways, it smelt like crayons and all those familiar smells that I have been around in so many schools.  
At the admission desk adults pay $12per person, you are given two stickers to put on your shirt informing the "color crew" that you have paid.  You also receive two empty crayon boxes, a coupon for each person for a complimentary item (ours was Halloween molding clay), 2 tokens each (to purchase little items in token machines (i.e. box of crayons, markers) and a bag to carry all of your souvenirs that you collect. 
The factory tells you the story of Crayola, gives you the opportunity to try their different products, has "how they are made" shows, and you collect a crayon at 4 different secret stations to fill your empty crayon box.   Jake and I had a blast here.  We are not kids anymore, but learned a lot from this fun place.  We learned that they recycle their products and don't waste any of their crayons or markers etc.   We learned they play a role in solar energy and have the "Green Idea".
Here are some of the pictures from our colorful experience.

Picture perfect crayon!
Jake humoring me

Dry erase car

We colored a picture in the box and they made it into a 12 or 6 piece puzzle for us.
Jake coloring his puzzle
The color crew stamping out our puzzles.
A scribble wall

Making trick or treat bags
Paint then lay the paper bag on the monsters face.
Stick your monster bag in the drying oven

Mine and Jake's final project
This is the how it is done area.
A freshly made crayon... waiting for it to turn orange (takes about an hour)
If you look close you can see the white tip and the rest of it starting to turn orange.
Painting a dino with melted crayons.

The chalk walk (try out their side walk chalk)

A wall of crayon colors

 If you get a chance to visit PA and are in or around Easton this is a great place to check out.  Jake and I said we are going to definitely make it back here once we have children.  Kids about 5+ would have a wonderful time here! 
What would you name a crayon if you could choose the colors name?

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