Wednesday, October 10, 2012

First Stop Maryland, The Annapolis Boat Show

Our weekend in Maryland has been quite eventful, busy, and a lot of fun. Jake's parents met us in Annapolis for the boat show weekend.  It was wonderful to see them and we loved the show.  Coming to this event yearly enables us to see the latest technology, get discounted prices on crucial boat parts and just have a good time admiring the beautiful boats with other boaters. Here are some pictures from the weekend.

Jake and I on the airplane to Washington D.C. This is our "YAY we are going to the states!" picture.
Dozer was loving the rental car.  He has been scooter riding for quite some time now, and is not use to such comfort. 
A street just for us
Main entrance to the giant Annapolis Boat Show!
A lot of people, a lot of flags, a lot of boats, and a lot of tents.

The outbound.  Our favorite boat at the show.  It was stunning. In and Out!

Love to see the all the boats around the city, they are absolutely beautiful!

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