Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween? We Are Lame When It Comes To Holidays!

(from two people who didn't celebrate)

Jake grew up in a family who played competitive sports and holidays often meant traveling and tournaments.  I knew this when I married him, and I knew that he wasn't that much of a holiday celebrator, but he has tried on each of the important ones to make them special for me (because I am a celebrator, or used to be a celebrator).  
I have been working in the hospitality industry for some time now, and it has certainly sucked the holiday celebration out of me.  It is sad and it sucks but working in the service industry you aren't worried about celebrating the day for yourself, you are worried about your guests enjoying the celebrations.  This has taken away the joys of all the fun holidays.  I can guarantee I will be working majority of the holidays because that is the busy time in this industry.   
Tonight I came home from work (where no one dressed up or even mentioned Halloween) and there was a plastic bag full of goodies on the counter. I asked Jake where they came from and he said from our boat neighbors.  Instead of trick or treating, they treated us.  
This got me thinking... We are LAME.  We didn't even dress up or go to any costume parties (a lot of the reason was because the costume contests are slutty school teacher vs. slutty bunny at our age).
I have been seeing fun costumes all over facebook all day and people enjoying this fun holiday of costumes, tricks, treats and each others company. 

I am going to be a celebrator. 
I am going to start caring about the holidays and making a conscious decision to celebrate.  I want to have a family who celebrates at every opportunity they can because that is what life should be about.  It should be about celebrating and enjoying these fun days.   
So the next holiday... THANKSGIVING!
Work will most likely consume me on the day, but I will be preparing for the day the whole month with  thankfulness and then I might just bake something delicious for the occasion.  We will see how I come out, but here is to the holidays. 
Jake... if you are reading... we are now a celebrating family. 
Love, Your Wife. 

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