Friday, October 5, 2012

Having The Jet Blues

The time had come yesterday for us to leave the rock (St. Thomas) and start our vacation.  My friend Nicole dropped us off at the airport about 2 hours before our flight was scheduled to depart.  As we checked in we were informed that our flight was delayed for 2 hours.  This didn't go over well considering it would cause us to miss our connection in San Juan Puerto Rico to Washington D.C.  They offered to put us up at a hotel for the night (on the same island we live on), this is something we declined and informed them that we expected to leave the island that night.  So we waited for the delayed flight discussed with numerous Jet Blue employees other routes that they could arrange for us. The only logical itinerary was to fly through San Juan, PR on our delayed flight, continue on to Ft. Lauderdale, FL spend the night there and leave for D.C. in the AM.  
We would lose about a day of our vacation, but this was the best we could do.  
Anyway... here are the images of our night last night. 

Waiting in the St. Thomas airport for 5 hours.

The flight kept being pushed back and finally left about this time. 

Birds in the airport who were drinking spilled soda.   They were funny to watch walk around because they were just slipping and sliding on the slick floor.  This is us baiting them with popcorn. (our entertainment)

The birds taking the bait.

Dozer taking a nap in his bag being the best little traveler we could ever ask for. 

This was in San Juan.  We deplaned for about 10 minutes then boarded for Ft. Lauderdale so didn't have time for the deliciousness.  It has been a long time since we have had gelato.

Dozer looking around, hanging out in his 3rd City for the night.

We asked Jet Blue to start the compensation with a hotel room in Ft. Lauderdale.  A good night sleep was truly needed. 

New Itinerary  

It was midnight when we reached the hotel so this was our dinner option.  I got tacos To-Go this menu was the funniest menu I have ever seen.  Every type of food you could ask for. 

Before we went to bed Jake called Jet Blue to discuss what other compensation they are going to arrange for the inconvenience.

Hopefully today will be better.  We are starting our decent into Washington D.C. and should be at the boat show in a few hours.    This has been an adventure for the first leg of our stateside vacation.
P.S. Because of delay we paid $150 more for car rental, lost a night at the hotel, lost a day at the boat show, and we were only credited $75ea. from Jet Blue.  I am a bit angry and find it insulting.
Oh Jet Blue you are making us blue. 

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