Thursday, October 11, 2012

You Can Call Me A Sailor Now

I was nervous, excited, and a little apprehensive to attend my scheduled "New Sailors Mini Holiday" course. It turned out to be wonderful. I took the course from The Annapolis Sailing School, my instructor was very patient, knowledgeable and really taught me a lot of information I did not know.  The first two days of class were incredibly cold.  I had layers of clothes on, I looked like I belong on the ski slopes.  Even though I was freezing, I enjoyed every minute of my learning experience.  I feel more comfortable on a boat, and now understand the vocabulary of sailing, which will really help Jake and I work as a team on board more so than we do now.  We are excited for a lot more sailing, and we are very happy that I was able to participate in this great opportunity.

 A wonderful area to sail in.
Spent a lot of time on these boats learning a lot.
Dressed in my layers ready for the cold.
The leaves are changing color and falling, I am so happy we are visiting in the fall.
Spending some time at the beach next to the sailing school.

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