Friday, November 30, 2012

Trash. There Could Be A Lot Less Of It.

Glass broken down by the sea that I like to reuse as art.

Did you know that St. Thomas doesn't have the resources to recycle plastic?  They do have resources to recycle aluminum, but I am skeptical on how much of it truly gets renewed.  Trash was the topic of our conversation tonight as we left a Chinese restaurant.
A local man had come into the restaurant and ordered his meals to-go.  Assuming it is traveling the food is packed accordingly to prevent spills before it reaches its destination.  The man received his to-go bag and sat down at the sushi bar.   He opened the plastic bag that held a paper bag which held three to-go cartons.  He then opened the plastic to-go silverware and started to eat his food with the trash from his order spread across the counter next to him. 
We watched all this happen, I looked at Jake and saw that cartoon moment he looked like one of those cartoon characters who you see become so furious that steam shoots out their ears.  He preceded to vent to me about how wasteful that is, and how disrespectful the man was for doing something like that.  We are assuming he ordered to-go so that he could avoid the tip, and here he was wasting the restaurants product as well as creating more trash for this island that doesn't have resources to use the trash productively. 
Jake is very passionate about the environment.  He wants to preserve its beauty and resources and with wastefulness like this it can't be preserved.  Before meeting Jake I wasn't as knowledgeable about the subject.  Each day I learn something new about ways I can do my part to preserve the beauty and resources on this earth.  I used to call Jake my hippie, poking fun at his awareness and teasing him.   I am thankful for him, and his passion for the awareness and share the same feelings with him.  Now it is both him and I who are known as "NO BAG" at the grocery store, because that is the phrase we are constantly using to avoid wasting another plastic bag. 
It is frustrating watching situations like tonight's.  Jake mentioned, if it was his restaurant and someone did that he would ask them to leave, and I definitely agree. 
Though we aren't 100% about wasting, we do strive to be better.  I wish that the people of St. Thomas could humble themselves, be informed and avoid all of this ignorance.
Hopefully some of the awareness catches on before it is too late.


Help spread the word.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Going Home To Say Goodbye

"It feels like home to me... feels like I'm on my way back where I come from
Feels like home to I'm on my way back where I belong."
-Song sung by Chantal Kreviazuk

My two sisters and I arrived in Hawaii about 10 days ago.
Grandma wasn't doing very well and it had been 3 1/2 years since I had visited her in Hawaii, 
which is too long. 
This trip was emotionally and physically draining. 
Seeing Grandma for the first time was hard.
This didn't look like the Grandma I know. 
She was so frail and weak.  
Our days were spent sitting with her as she rested. 
We sat together, sharing memories, reading to her, and creating 
play lists with Frank Sinatra, Christmas Music,soft spa music 
and other tunes she enjoyed. 
We watched for signs that she could hear us 
that she enjoyed us being there. 
I found myself reading a children's book to her. Dr. Seuss "Oh
The Places You'll Go" I love children's books and I could see
Grandma's spirit perk up as I read. 
Giving her time to rest we took long walks/jogs on the beach, 
visited Grandpa's grave and enjoying some of our favorite 
Hawaiian memories. 
Grandma passed away Monday Nov.12th.
That morning we knew the time was near.  We were overwhelmed,
sad, frustrated, but felt the feelings of comfort and relief.
Grandpa was ready for her to be with him in heaven and she had
done what she needed to do here on this earth. 
It was an experience that I am very thankful for. 
I feel blessed to be able to have said my goodbyes 
and been there for those 
last moments that were so sacred. 
Mourning the loss of Grandma includes 
mourning the loss of a home where we have so many memories, a 
street where we played, a 
beach where we explored.
Saying goodbye to a place we call home. My eyes fill with tears 
when I think about the reality. 
I'm sad to leave Hawaii.
I'm sad to say goodbye to Grandma.
I am full of gratitude for such a beautiful land and so many 
memories with those I love.
Here are some pictures from some of our favorite Hawaiian
This is the Grandma I remember. Such a beautiful smile.
Grandma in Her Youth. Such a classy lady 
Arriving at the beautiful Honolulu Airport.
Aloha everywhere you look
Including culture in every aspect they can. 
People ready to catch a wave.
Grandma's Plumeria trees in her yard are breath taking.

Walking along a little piece of heaven.
Feeling the soft sand in my toes as the water washes over my feet.

Eating delicious food.
Catching a glimpse of the beautiful island from places like these.

Documenting those moments.
Unique trees.
Holding our breath through tunnels
Visiting those we love.
The Beautiful Koolau Mountain Range. 
Smiling among the beauty even though our eyes are tired and sore from the emotional days.
Grandma and Grandpa's view from their resting place. What a beautiful spot.

View from the back yard.

Searching for Sea Glass

Drawing in the sand.
Island Snow Shave Ice.

Hiking up steep KoKo Head and a light house.

Celebrating Grandma's life

Spending time with those we love.


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Genre: Biography. Movie Critic: INSPIRATIONAL.

"Chasing Mavericks" is a MUST see movie.  It is a true story of a young surfer who chases his goals and dreams and even with a hard life is always looking for the positive in this world.  If you like to feel inspired, if you like surfing, or if you just like Gerard Butler you have got to see this movie. 
Since we first saw the previews we have been wanting to catch it on the big screen.  It seemed like it was going to be a great film, but we didn't know until we went tonight that it was based on a true story.   This depiction of Jay Moriarty "surf legend and global inspiration" leaves you wanting to be his best friend, wanting to be better, and wanting to find your own challenge in life.   Jay with a positive attitude, kindness and need for adventure became a role model to many.  The Jay Moriarty Foundation "Live Like Jay" was created in his honor.  The foundation is a non-profit that assists other non-profits in helping to improve our world and environment. 
Researching about Jay and his story makes me want to live like him.  I want to be someone who has the determination to reach my goals, someone who looks for the good in any situation and makes a difference in people's lives.  I want to be the person who doesn't let the world break me down.  So many times I get caught up in the frustrations of life and I forget how blessed I am, and how even with challenges and hardships I should have a smile on my face.  This world has trained me to be skeptical of people's intentions and look for the negative to protect myself from getting hurt.
It is sad to think the world lost a person like Jay, and it seems like the people who leave this earth early often are the ones who are always smiling and always seeing the positive in this harsh world.
This month it is going to be my goal to be more positive as well as bring back my kindness.  I feel like living on this island has made me a bit more rude, impatient, and irritable.  I need to go back to my loving, trusting, nice gal from Utah self, life is better that way even if the people here don't like it, I like it.  So here is to living like Jay, to making a difference in this world with my kindness, with my need for adventure and hopefully it will help improve our world and our environment.