Friday, November 30, 2012

Trash. There Could Be A Lot Less Of It.

Glass broken down by the sea that I like to reuse as art.

Did you know that St. Thomas doesn't have the resources to recycle plastic?  They do have resources to recycle aluminum, but I am skeptical on how much of it truly gets renewed.  Trash was the topic of our conversation tonight as we left a Chinese restaurant.
A local man had come into the restaurant and ordered his meals to-go.  Assuming it is traveling the food is packed accordingly to prevent spills before it reaches its destination.  The man received his to-go bag and sat down at the sushi bar.   He opened the plastic bag that held a paper bag which held three to-go cartons.  He then opened the plastic to-go silverware and started to eat his food with the trash from his order spread across the counter next to him. 
We watched all this happen, I looked at Jake and saw that cartoon moment he looked like one of those cartoon characters who you see become so furious that steam shoots out their ears.  He preceded to vent to me about how wasteful that is, and how disrespectful the man was for doing something like that.  We are assuming he ordered to-go so that he could avoid the tip, and here he was wasting the restaurants product as well as creating more trash for this island that doesn't have resources to use the trash productively. 
Jake is very passionate about the environment.  He wants to preserve its beauty and resources and with wastefulness like this it can't be preserved.  Before meeting Jake I wasn't as knowledgeable about the subject.  Each day I learn something new about ways I can do my part to preserve the beauty and resources on this earth.  I used to call Jake my hippie, poking fun at his awareness and teasing him.   I am thankful for him, and his passion for the awareness and share the same feelings with him.  Now it is both him and I who are known as "NO BAG" at the grocery store, because that is the phrase we are constantly using to avoid wasting another plastic bag. 
It is frustrating watching situations like tonight's.  Jake mentioned, if it was his restaurant and someone did that he would ask them to leave, and I definitely agree. 
Though we aren't 100% about wasting, we do strive to be better.  I wish that the people of St. Thomas could humble themselves, be informed and avoid all of this ignorance.
Hopefully some of the awareness catches on before it is too late.


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