Thursday, December 20, 2012

The New Addition To Our Fleet

We bought a boat. Another boat.  This is boat #3.  We still haven't decided on a name for it, but we are very excited about it.  It is a 10' Hunter Excite.  It is a small sailing dinghy.  We bought it so that I can improve on my sailing and get more confident with my abilities.  
A company that runs water sports here on island was selling a bunch of their equipment for a great deal! We had to jump on the opportunity.  
Jake was like a kid in a candy store, begging me to buy it.  After we talked to his uncle about storing it, we decided to go for it. So Jake now has about 4.5 hrs of sailing on it, and we are brainstorming names. 
We are going to have to sell it before we leave but we plan to purchase something of the sort for our future children as soon as we get to our settling destination. 
We are very excited to have some fun times on it, and I am excited to be brave enough to sail it by myself and become a pro. 
So any suggestions on names for boat #3? Comment and give us your opinion.
Here is the addition to our new fleet!

Jake taking our friend Robin out for a sail from the beach.
Dozer was excited too!

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