Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Things We Do For A Little Christmas Spirit

In a previous post I mentioned that Jake and I are going to be better about celebrating holidays even though we work most of them. 
Thanksgiving we both worked and then had a wonderful dinner at Jake's aunt and uncle's house. It was just four of us, but it was nice to be with some family and celebrate.  The day before Thanksgiving a guest asked me, "Are they making you work tomorrow?"  I replied, "Yes, but I am happy to be working because I am Thankful for my job."  Kind of a lame answer but it kept me positive while I worked through the busy holiday.
Now… It is Christmas time. 
I brought a small (1ft. tall) Christmas tree home from Hawaii. 
It is white, and it fits perfect in the corner of our settee.  
Jake and I were trying to decide what to use for ornaments because it is such a small tree.  All the small bulbs we found were made of glass and we didn't want that on the boat, so we started to get creative.
I looked up ideas on Pinterest and I wasn't able to customize the ornaments to the size I needed. 
Jake's Aunt Peggy gave us an idea of using the paint swatches that you can get at Home Depot.
So Jake and I went and picked out some of our favorite colors, and pretended we were looking for actual paint. 
Our favorites were "Sea Glass Green", Pineapple Soda", "Caribe", and Tropical Coral.
The tropical ones were nice because it brought a little bit of Hawaii into this island Christmas that we will be celebrating. 
So our ornaments are created out of paint swatches, super glue, hole punch, and brass fasteners.  Some are better than other, and I really need to shop for traditional ones, but these will do for now. 
 Here are some pictures.

Here it is with all of our ornaments. You are probably chuckling, but this is bringing our Christmas Spirit.
The Star is even made out of origami!
This is my favorite one that Jake made.  
This is supposed to be a candle and represent light.  It is one of my favorites because it reminds me of Jesus.
This is my favorite one that I made because it reminds me of Hawaii, if you look close you can see a bird that I accidentally cut out, but turned out perfectly. 

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