Thursday, January 10, 2013

High and Low

The beach is quiet and a small amount of boats on the water during our lull.

Being in St. Thomas we don’t experience any harsh temperature changes between seasons and it almost feels as though we don’t experience any season change at all.  I do feel a bit cold in the winter months, and way too hot in the summer months but that is about it.  June- November is what we consider hurricane season when it rains more than usual if there is a tropical waves or anything bigger near the island. 

For locals here seasons are a totally different topic than the weather.  We have high season and low season.   During high season we are extremely busy with cruise ships and either hotel transient guests or group guests.  It is a time where those working in the service or tourism industry (which is about all we have here) make a lot of money. During the low season the island is very quiet.  Businesses don’t have normal hours they are limited hours, people are scrambling to find work and make it through the months when things are a bit slower.
Thanksgiving is when the island started to pick up a bit.  It has been busier as more cruise ships arrive daily, and as more people are coming to visit and experience St. Thomas.  Jake and I have been working like crazy, we are thankful for this and we are glad the quiet months are over because they were a little difficult. High season brings extended hours, overtime, more customers and exhaustion.  

We powered through the holidays and now there is a little lull, a short time when most people are home from their holiday vacations, and just a small amount of others who are experiencing the island.  This lull gives us a chance to take a breath, be happy for that rush during the holidays and look forward to the next big run.  I think Jake and I both feel like during our busy time we were extremely social compared to usual.  Maybe it is because we were in this survival mode being worked so hard and wanting just a little bit of time to enjoy ourselves and unwind.   We also have made some friends that we enjoy spending time with and it has helped us get out and do things instead of just date night and our normal routine of walks or reading and surfing the internet after work.  We have had dinner at friend’s houses, we have invited them over to our boat and it has been great getting to know some good people(who are really hard to find on this island). 

We are grateful that we both have jobs where we can save some money and pay off our debt.  We can accomplish our goals and enjoy all that this life has to offer.  High season kicks our butts, but we love it!

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