Friday, March 29, 2013

A New House For My Camera To Go Under Water!

 A few months ago, Jake and I went diving with his camera.  He had found some cool things I had never seen before.  He let me use his camera and I LOVED IT.  When I'm diving I still feel a little uneasy to what is out there, and when I have a camera in my hands I am more focused on documenting the beauty and amazement instead of worrying about the unknown in the deep blue. 

We decided to purchase an underwater housing for my point and shoot camera.  So my days at the beach lately have been spent snorkeling/ diving and experimenting with the new gadget.  Most the pictures are boring and either of myself or others and of just random fish that I am learning names of.

Working for an environmental program I am learning new things everyday.  I want to know all the fish by their names and I have been studying them.  It is absolutely amazing the whole world that we see underwater.  

Here are some recent photos...

Snorkeling to see this Plane Crash

Jake Hard at Work

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

LOVE to Read.

Are you looking for a new book to read? I have just the one!   It is an easy read that will keep you laughing.

Our bookstore here on island is quite small with very few choices.  When I spotted this book, I knew it would be entertaining and just what I wanted. 
I was looking for a book that didn't have an intense plot.  I needed one where I could just pick up and put down as often as I needed to as well as still be engaged and get a little laugh.

I started reading it on the beach with Jake and our cousin Cheri.  As I was reading it, I began to laugh and laugh and laugh.  I couldn't stop laughing, I was crying I was laughing so hard.  Now this was a little embarrassing considering I was surrounded by others on the beach.  But it felt so good to laugh. To laugh so hard I cried.  With life being so stressful at times, I forget how wonderful it feels to laugh uncontrollably and really enjoy the moment. 
I wanted someone else to enjoy the comedy with me, I would stop constantly and ask Jake if I could read him certain parts.  He probably found this annoying but I had to share it because I found it hilarious.
Before I finished it, I was reading it on the beach at Jake's work.  He came back from a dive and one of his students a nice girl from Australia was asking me how I liked it, I couldn't say enough about it.  I ended up finishing it that night and gave it to Jake with the instructions to pass it on to the Australian girl so that she could enjoy some laughs. 
Check it out if you get a chance.  I really enjoyed it and found it very comical. 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Im Still Here

The blogging world is calling to see if I am still out there… here I am.  Things have been busy.  I don’t think I have blogged since January.  My apologies.  Here is an update.

The Work Place: 

Jake is still working hard, some weeks not having a day off.  He is still smiling and taking good care of Dozer and me.  Even though work is keeping him busy he loves diving for a living. 

Starting this new position and program has been a success.  I am learning and growing every day.  Adjusting to different personalities of my coworkers and trying to always stay engaged.  The more we work, the more we save, which will determine how long travel… so we are all happy.

The Boat
          We made the move off the dock and now we are anchored in Water Bay, which is very close to Jake’s work on the North/East part of the island.  It is quiet, and convenient. 
            We installed three more solar panels that look very chic.  They are flat on our deck, we can walk on them if we need to and they are giving us more free energy!
             Our new MANTUS Anchor is installed and set.  We feel safe and secure now experiencing the strong hold of this anchor. I have got to say it is the best anchor we could have gone with. It is wonderful.  Easily set, holds strong, and puts my mind at ease. 

Days Off
              Our days off have been spent grocery shopping, dropping off laundry, going to the beach, taking pictures and reading new books.  We are enjoying every free minute we can.  The free time is very nice when we can get it.