Friday, March 29, 2013

A New House For My Camera To Go Under Water!

 A few months ago, Jake and I went diving with his camera.  He had found some cool things I had never seen before.  He let me use his camera and I LOVED IT.  When I'm diving I still feel a little uneasy to what is out there, and when I have a camera in my hands I am more focused on documenting the beauty and amazement instead of worrying about the unknown in the deep blue. 

We decided to purchase an underwater housing for my point and shoot camera.  So my days at the beach lately have been spent snorkeling/ diving and experimenting with the new gadget.  Most the pictures are boring and either of myself or others and of just random fish that I am learning names of.

Working for an environmental program I am learning new things everyday.  I want to know all the fish by their names and I have been studying them.  It is absolutely amazing the whole world that we see underwater.  

Here are some recent photos...

Snorkeling to see this Plane Crash

Jake Hard at Work

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