Thursday, April 11, 2013

Destination For Your Dreams

"Without goals, and plans to reach them, you are like a ship that has set sail with no destination."
Fitzhugh Dodson

Yes, we are living on a tropical island. We are working while living aboard our boat; however this is not our entire dream. 
Imagine us setting sail, (putting aside all my fear and worries) and crossing oceans.  I would have endless hours to read a good book, or sit down and write a book.  I wouldn’t be too exhausted to lay on the deck and watch the stars.  We wouldn’t be rushing to get to work on time with the normal daily routine.  We would travel from island to island, country to country meeting the native people; exploring their land and culture while learning and experiencing what most don’t.   We would enjoy snapping photos with every chance we get documenting our dream as it becomes a reality.  After experiencing so much, we would slow down (just a bit) to have a family.  Jake would love to raise a family on a boat… but I am thinking a little cottage somewhere.  We haven’t found that somewhere yet, but we do have some places in mind.  Like a lot of those that work for corporate America the dream is to escape, to work for yourself; finding something that you can do on your own that makes money.    We have this dream.  Jake would probably describe it a bit different but this is how I picture it. 
As I sit at work every day I think about this dream.  This dream, we are trying so hard to make a reality.  With all this in mind I try to focus on what we are reaching towards, on our goals we have and remember that these tedious   work days will get us there. 
I have missed quality time as a couple lately.  It seems like we are constantly working and only have mornings and evenings together which are filled with making breakfast, lunches and dinners, catching up on chores, and feeling too exhausted to do anything.  We have been good about our weekly date night that keeps us on track, but I look forward to the days when we will be at sea and will have the time to share without work and constant distraction. 
Staying busy with work is a blessing on this island that relies so heavily on tourism season.  It has made me grateful for all that I have.  It has made me appreciate the times when I am busy as well as the times when life slows down a bit.    I am grateful for a wonderful marriage, a safe home, a cuddly dog, and our families.   Even though it is tedious and constant I am thankful that Jake and I both have good jobs that get us a little closer to our big goals. 
As you work hard every day, imagine your dreams often so you don’t stray far from your goals.   

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