Friday, May 10, 2013

Short Cuts Aren't Always Good

Disclaimer: Some pictures are graphic, proceed with caution if blood makes you queasy.

One of the reasons why I am hesitant to set sail off shore is because of what MIGHT happen.  Today I had a little taste of it and it gave me a little scare.
Jake woke up this morning so excited.  It was like Christmas or his birthday.  We are putting in a new refrigerator.  With this new energy efficient addition we will be completely self-sufficient with solar and wind power.  NOW THAT IS COOL!  We have been waiting a few weeks/months for this day and once it is all completed it will relieve stress and worry about our power hogging fridge. 
To install the fridge we had to move from anchor to the dock.  We woke up early finished up taking out the old refrigerator and we were ready to raise the anchor and be on our way.  Because of strong winds and swell that we had a couple weeks ago, our starboard bow roller for our windlass (the wonderful piece of machinery that lowers and raises our anchor)broke off.  So raising anchor was going to be a bit difficult.  I was at the helm and Jake was lifting the chain and anchor manually.  He got a little lazy and had the not so brilliant idea of trying to use the broken piece by just holding it in place with his foot.  So it worked for a bit until I heard him scream.  “STOP! STOP! STOP!! OUCH OUCH OUCH! NOW REVERSE!”  After following his instructions I ran to the bow to make sure he was OK.  He was fine except for the bow roller had cut deep into his foot and the chain wrapped around his foot. So he has a pretty good gash and will definitely be bruised.  He finished raising the anchor by hand then took his place at the helm. 
I started to cry, because I am a crier, and I cry if I am happy, sad or scared.  This just scared me!  I made sure he was OK and then gave the “YOU CAN’T DO STUFF LIKE THAT! WE DON’T EVEN HAVE KIDS YET!  This is why I am scared to go sailing, I don’t know what I would do if it was something incredibly serious!
After I cried and vented (keep in mind this was only a minute or two or less)  I went below to look for our first aid supplies. I could have stitched him up right there and then, but decided we were close enough to medical attention and he would be fine once I got it clean and put a band aid on it until we got to shore.  
Once we docked I went straight to the drug store for butterfly bandages, an ice pack and other supplies to take care of his injury.  
The refrigerator company was scheduled to be there shortly so Jake refused to go to the doctor.  It would be expensive to reschedule and he just wanted the project done.  I called the doctor to make sure he would be OK to wait until the next day for a tetanus shot I bandaged him up pretty well.  
The next morning bright and early I escorted him to the doctor so that he could get his injury taken care of.  
The doctor told him how ridiculous it was for him to wait to come in, and that he would be OK, but it would have been a thousand times better if he would have just come in right after it happened.  Anyway, here are some pictures documenting.

My purse full of first aid supplies to bandage Jake up until he went to the doctor

After it was all cleaned up.
I opted not to post the picture up close because you can truly see how deep and nasty the cut is. 
The object that cut Jake's foot open
Jake's foot all bandaged up so that he could work with an icepack on it. 

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