Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Best Slippers Around!


Living on an island, we are almost always in slippers (flip-flops).  Jake found these Olukais a couple years back, and we are hooked.  Hands down these are the best sandals on the market.  They are comfortable, provide wonderful foot support, and have so many different styles. 
Living on our boat, loading and unloading in a dinghy, going to the beach, living in a warm humid climate, sandals are key.  With these sandals come comfort and quality! 

"Olu" means "Comfort" in Hawaiian
"Kai" means "Ocean" in Hawaiian.

Olukai's Logo "the bone hook" is the traditional Polynesian symbol worn for strength, good luck, and safe passage over water! PERFECT FOR OUR LIFESTYLE!

I had a recent interaction with the company and I wanted to highlight them on our blog.  Jake and I have 4 different pairs of their sandals that we wear often (pretty much everyday!).  One of them broke because I am a little rough on my shoes. They are still under the warranty period so I contacted them about the defective pair.  I spoke to someone on the phone that was knowledgeable about the policy as well as very helpful in making sure I understood the process.  It was as easy as sending them an email with pictures of the shoes and proof of purchase.  Within that day they contacted me and asked me what color and size I would like as a replacement.  I haven't received them yet, but it is wonderful to know I have a new pair on the way!
I am so impressed with their customer service, and I am absolutely in love with their product! 
If you are looking for a good shoe that is worth the price check Olukai out!

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