Saturday, July 27, 2013


The countdown is on! 13 days until we catch a flight off this rock for a much needed vacation to the United States!   I am thrilled.  Jake is thrilled and I really hope the days fly by until we leave!  The things we are looking forward to:

1.       Seeing Dozer.

2.       Seeing Family.

3.       Seeing a couple of our closest friends.

4.       Going to the dentist to repair my tooth that has been broken for the last 5 months!

5.       Going to the eye doctor (maybe new glasses)

6.       Shopping (me more so than Jake, but he is still making lists of supplies neededJ).

7.       Eating Mexican Food and other foods that we lack down here!

8.       Driving in a car.

9.       Enjoying civilization.

10.     Being away from work.
Living on a boat, and on an island where pretty much everything is shipped in really makes you thankful for all of the resources up in the states.  When I called the eye doctor to schedule an appt. they informed me that they are just adjacent to Target (to give me a landmark in finding them)! Do you know how happy I was to hear that! Ha I am pretty pathetic when I think about the joy that brought me.  Jake would roll his eyes at that comment, but I miss Target, I miss all the places that made life so convenient.  In a way it is good to be away from all of that, it makes you grateful for modern resources as well as more self-sufficient. 

We are staying busy until we leave our days will be filled with work, entertaining our guests (Jake's best friend and girlfriend are coming down for 8 days), Visiting the British Virgin Islands on our boat, and then we are off to the mainland! 

So here is to hoping we will stay busy enough that these 13 days that stand between us and civilization go by quickly! VACATION… HERE WE COME!

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