Saturday, August 10, 2013

Friends Visiting From Home

Four Aboard
Friends from home!  
Our friends Drew and Annie came down to visit us for 10 days! We were thrilled for them to come, and we have really enjoyed their visit.  With them here we have had 4 people living aboard Pura Vida.  Not the ideal situation for some, but I think that we made it work perfectly. It has really been such a treat to enjoy their company and spend time with close friends who we don’t get to see as often as we would like. 
Jake and I took a day or two off work and took our boat up to the British Virgin Islands with them.  It was Annie and Drew’s first time sailing and it was quite an adventure.  Annie and I don’t love the heel of the boat so we ended up sitting down in the cabin and had some quality girl time chatting and reading.  The guys did the sailing and got us to where we needed to be. 
We met up with a friend who works as a charter captain in the BVIs and had a wonderful dinner aboard their boat.  It was fun to visit and meet new friends. 
Along our way we had a few things go wrong.  We were mooring in Tortola to check in at customs when we realized that two of our whisker stays had broken.  This was something that we had to fix in order to raise our sails again.  Jake found the parts among our spares and fixed the problem, and we were on our way!  We sailed over to Norman Island to meet up with our friend and as we were anchoring our transmission made a noise that was not too comforting.  Jake was able to find the problem and temporarily fix it so that we were able to stay the night on anchor, motor out of the bay, and motor into the marina.  The rest of the way would need to be under sail to prevent too much stress on the broken pieces.  We made it back to the marina safe and really enjoyed our trip.
Annie and Drew stayed for a couple more days after that before they headed home.  It was a long way for them to come visit, and an adjustment for them in this heat and humidity, but we are so glad that they made the trip!
Here are some photos from our adventures.  I wish we took more pictures, but forgot to document a lot. 

We made them wear this sun protection.

Best Friends!

Drew learning the ropes.

Jake is in heaven… and loves his beard! 
Drew napping.

My new favorite picture!
Drew and Annie, the great friends we got to spend 10 days with!

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