Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Busy Times... Here is an Update!

This morning Jake said, “Thank you for coming on a walk with me, I have felt like a single parent lately, doing everything by myself.”
Meaning a single parent to our dog Dozer, picking up laundry and running any normal business hour errands that I am unable to accomplish because of my work schedule.   As well as most all meals, dishes etc. because of my exhaustion. 

Life has been crazy.  I have been working doubles most days of the week or working opposite hours than Jake.  He works in the mornings, while I work mornings and nights or just nights.  We haven’t had much time together lately.  I have gotten 1 day off each week for the past 2-3 weeks.  We are really appreciating the small amounts of time we get to spend together.  We are working a lot to save money, living a pretty monotonous life.  However, there are a few things that are new but taking trend in our lives.

New Accessories

While we were in the states, Jake and I visited the eye doctor.  I needed new glasses with a little bit stronger prescription.  So we pick them out and placed an order for them.  Jake’s mom picked them up for us and mailed them this last week.  They are a bit trendy compared to my last ones, and I can see just a little clearer. It has taken a bit for me to feel comfortable rocking them, but I’ve got my confidence now.

Olukai Sandals
I have written about these sandals in the past so you know that Jake and I both absolutely love the comfort and quality.  One of the surf stores in St. John was having a big sale.  Almost everything in the store was 40% off.  These Olukais are not cheap, so when we find a sale we jump on it.  Jake and I each got a pair and we are very happy with them.  If they would have had more in our size we would have gotten more than one pair.  These will do for now ;)

New Recipes

Jake and I have both tried a couple recipes for the first time.  I am going to be honest and upfront with this… Jake’s definitely turned out better than my attempt.  He is definitely the cook in our family.

Banana Pancakes (my attempt)

I found a post on Facebook with a Banana Pancake Recipe it was simply just 2 eggs and a banana all mixed together.  I liked this recipe because it is using all whole foods.  Nothing processed or canned which is refreshing.  I ended up using 3 bananas and 3 eggs. I threw in some delicious blueberries to add a little more pop. I also added a thin layer of peanut butter on the top of mine.   It worked out nice.  Jake really needs more substance than this so this will not be a trend but I actually kind of liked them. 

Portobello Mushroom Burgers

Jake has mastered this recipe.  Oh my goodness. It is a little taste of heaven for dinner or lunch.  He has perfected the marinade as well as the toppings.  Caramelized onions, avocado, a little goat cheese with lettuce and tomato atop the Portobello mushroom really makes our taste buds happy! 

Delicious Chicken

I don’t know what it is called but it was new and absolutely delightful!  I do not have a documented picture either. I apologize.  I took one bite and didn’t think twice about a photo because I was enjoying it so much.

New Habits

Sparkling Natural Mineral water (my new favorite)