Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Weekend in Puerto Rico

A couple weeks ago Jake and I were in need of a vacation.  We were starting to get snappy and impatient with the society that we live and work in.  Exasperated, annoyed, unhappy, and/or frustrated are the words I would use to describe my state.  We needed to get away from all the annoyances that we have on a daily basis.  Jake called me to see what days I had off, we conveniently had the same days off and it was a Saturday, Sunday. HALLELUJAH!  He booked us on a flight out early Saturday morning, with a returning flight Sunday night.  Our cousin Nici was willing to watch dozer, hotel rooms and rental cars were cheap so we were set.  

We packed the few things we needed Saturday morning, dropped Dozer off, and then headed to the airport.  The flight over is a breeze, only about 25 minutes in the air at the most.  We landed and I felt like skipping down the airport.  We were in a whole new world.  We caught the shuttle to Enterprise to pick up our car.  We were instantly reminded how good the service is, how pleasant the people are, and we welcomed it all with giant smiles! 

Day 1:

After getting our rental car we headed out for breakfast.   We didn’t eat at the best place, however there are no Denny’s on St. Thomas so it was a little bit of a treat.  After breakfast we hit the stores.  We went to the mall, Old Navy, West Marine, Best Buy, Costco, Walgreen's, and many more retailers that we do not have in St. Thomas.  We bought things we needed and window shopped for the rest.  It is always nice to be in an area where you have so many resources, so many things that you take for granted until you don’t have access to it.  I know that these are first world problems, but I am so grateful for all of these places now that I don’t have them, and it is such a treat to find things you haven’t had for months. We concluded our shopping and went for lunch.  Can you say “MEXICAN FOOD”!!!   We were so excited, to have Mexican food.  Being from Utah and Wyoming we were used to eating a lot of delicious “Fresh Mex” and Mexican food, however there is not one good Mexican restaurant in St. Thomas.  This is something that we really miss. 

Following our delicious lunch we headed out to some more stores to check out prices on some things we needed, and then headed to the hotel.  We got to the hotel and there was a problem with our reservation.  It was not in the system even though we were certain it was confirmed. OOPS.  They were sold out.  Option #2… stay at The Ritz-Carlton, San Juan.  We made a reservation online, we were able to get a good price considering the luxury and headed that way.  The property was beautiful and the ladies and gentlemen there really made us feel at home.  After settling in and taking a rest we showered and got ready for the night.  We made plans to go to a movie and have a date night.  Got to the theater right before the movie was supposed to start, and the line was around the building.  We are not used to being around so many people.  Puerto Rico has so many people, and they like the movies as much as we do.    We decided to scrap the movie idea and think of something else to do for date night. 

Earlier in the day we had driven past some big white tents, we questioned if it was a carnival or something that would be going on at night, so we found our way there.  Turns out it was a circus! An ice skating circus!   We figured out what seats were best using broken Spanish and asking for translations and bought our tickets for the extravaganza.  After sitting down Jake and I were all smiles as vendors walked around selling popcorn, caramel apples, cotton candy etc.  Clowns came out to entertain before the show and it felt like a real event.  Living on an island we don’t get too many events.  The big one is carnival every year, and that is really the only excitement.  We had a great time and couldn’t believe that we stumbled upon an ice skating circus.  It was so random and funny, we still laugh thinking about it. 

Day # 2

We have been exhausted and really could have used some more sleep, but we didn't want to waste any of our time in Puerto Rico. We woke up early, collected our camera equipment and went out to Old San Juan to shoot some photos in the best morning light.  We had some technical difficulties with lenses, so didn't get too much, but we still had fun walking around and capturing the beauty of the old town.  

After all the picture taking we got breakfast and headed back to the hotel.  It was time to enjoy The Ritz-Carlton.  We put our swimsuits on and enjoyed some much needed relaxation by the pool, walking the beach and just doing absolutely nothing.   It was wonderful! 

Check out was a couple hours later, so we collected our things and headed to the car, got lunch, cold stoned ice cream, ran a couple errands, and it was time to head to the airport to get back to St. Thomas.  We were sad for the weekend to end,  however we enjoyed every second of it.  Here are some pictures we snapped along the way! 

Just landed.  Waiting for Enterprise shuttle.
We were so excited for Mexican food!

Some of the stores we visited…

Costco. I miss seeing fresh flowers at the market.  I miss everything about Costco.

Yay for Recycling!
The Mall
So many people, so many cars, not used to this!
I need to learn Spanish, for safety reasons. 
Happy to be spending time together!
The Circus

Relaxing by the pool at The Ritz-Carlton, San Juan

Time to head back to the rock. :(

I thought it was funny how they printed my name with MRS. 
Sad the weekend is over. 
Waiting in airports make me bored…. and I do things like this.

Exhausted, but happy to have gotten away!

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