Saturday, May 10, 2014

Happy Island

Jake and I have found a place to spend time off that makes us so happy.  There is an island the locals call "Happy Island", I believe the proper name for it is Cas Cay.  It is about a 5 minute dinghy ride from where we are docked.  The island has hiking trails, beautiful mangroves young and old, with water as still as a swimming pool.  It is beautiful.

Jake took the dogs out there a couple weeks ago for the first time while I was working.  They loved running round and playing with other dogs on the beach.  The island has gotten Crew more comfortable with water and he absolutely loves it now.  So lately Happy Island is our "Happy Place".  We go a few times a week to explore and enjoy the quiet.  Last weekend we took our friends Jessi and Kade out there and had a blast.  I got some fun shots the last few times we went out. Enjoy!

Love to see the new mangroves growing!

Tons of Hermit Crabs.

Our dinghy driver.

Our boat from the bow.

Jessi and Kade

The boys playing on the beach.

Shame faced crab.

Jake being serious.

Crew loving the water!

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  1. Beautiful photos! We love Cass Caye too. Especially on the days its not invaded by 50 eco-terrorists...I mean tourists in kayaks :)