Thursday, May 8, 2014

Not Lost At Sea, Still Here!

"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream..." 
-C.S. Lewis

Well folks, we are still here!  When I say "here", I am referring to St. Thomas.  This has been our current location for the last 2 1/2 years.  My last blog post which is not so recent, spoke of our great adventure to set sail and the emergency equipment that we have just in case.  So, to all the people that think like me… always assuming the worst scenario, we are safe!  The fact that I haven't blogged since February isn't because we were lost in the middle of the ocean without internet access.

Through our preparations we came across a few large hiccups. First it was the transmission needing a part replaced, then it turned into the head gasket of our engine being blown.  It has been been quite the mess.  With dishonest mechanics and parts being ordered from Japan, we are still here putting everything back together.  We are learning everyday that B.O.A.T stands for "Break Out Another Thousand".  We are on the back end of the repairs and we are no longer in complete construction zone which occupied our kitchen and salon area. We can cook and are almost back to normal with our daily routine. 

The nomad life that we had begun at the beginning of the year, hasn't faded completely.  With the repairs we had to put out a lot of money, so we found jobs to keep us afloat.  Our new jobs are not as full of responsibility and stress as our former ones, so it still gives us a sense of freedom.  We are enjoying the work, perks of a paycheck and the relationships we are building with our co-workers and bosses.  Jake is working at a jewelry/souvenir store 4 days a week and free lance diving for a few companies on other days.  I am working as the assistant manager of a surf shop.  It has been a good experience for me to learn the retail business, it was not an industry that I had prior experience in.  Jake is able to say yes or no to dive jobs at his discretion, which gives him a sense of freedom.  We are both learning new things and are striving to save to reach our adventure.  

So, I will try to keep this more updated.  I apologize for the silence.  It has been a few months full of ups and downs.  I am starting to put it all together in words again and look forward to sharing more with all of you along the journey.  

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