Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Decision Made! Heading North!

The last couple of weeks have consisted of "work clothes", power tools, sunscreen, and long sweaty days.  The manual labor has been in high gear.  After finishing up with our employers, we have been working hard to get the boat ready for our departure.  We are moving from St. Thomas! It is hard to believe but we are now a few days out from untying the dock lines and setting sail. 

My last post I mentioned that we were undecided on what to do next and where to go.  We have made our decision!  FINALLY!  A trip to Mexico that was planned months ago was the deciding factor...Before you get too excited, we are not sailing to Mexico.  
Our plan is to sail from St. Thomas to Puerto Rico (shake down sail to check how the boat is handling), Puerto Rico to Dominican Republic, Dominican Republic to Turks and Caicos, then on to the Bahamas and continue to Florida.  Once in Florida we will dock our boat while we fly to Mexico for a week.  When we return from Mexico, the plan is to sail up the East Coast to Maine and cruise there for August and September.  As soon as we start to feel the chill we will start heading south for the winter.   

 For the longest time we were so excited to travel the Southern Caribbean islands, to see the different cultures and have new experiences.  Our trip to Mexico put a slight kink in the plans because of the time.  We have to be mindful of hurricane season as well as the price to get to Mexico from the Bonaire vs. Florida.  To prolong our cruising, going North to Florida is our best bet.  

We are excited for a new adventure.  Excited to use our boat more as a sail boat instead of just living on it.  We have gotten a lot done the last couple of weeks and we are almost ready to hit the water.  The last few weeks have been stressful and exhausting.  The days have been hot, projects have taken longer than expected and we have put a lot of sweat and tears into this boat.  We are anxious and excited.  At night after a long day of work Jake and I will talk about how excited and nervous we are to leave.  I asked Jake's dad to come down and sail part of the way with us, so that I can build my confidence and get used to sailing.  He has arrived and the three of us are finishing up the last minute projects.  So here is to being brave, taking risks and experiencing a new adventure! 

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