Tuesday, May 26, 2015

These Little Islands Are Amazing

 Our passage from St. Thomas to Culebrita, an island off of Culebra, Puerto Rico was an adventure.  The journey took us about 5 to 6 hours.   We sailed along the south side of St. Thomas and across to Culebrita.  We lost wind a couple of times and left later than we expected so arrived when it was dark.  Anchoring in an unfamiliar area at night is not very comforting.  We made it in safely even though Dozer threw up a few times and I cried from the stress of anchoring in the pitch dark.  We were all tired and ready for a restful night.
            Friday morning was absolutely refreshing.  There is nothing better than waking up in a beautiful place.  We anchored in a place called Tortuga Bay.  The beach had white sand across the large bay with only two other boats anchored.  We almost had it all to ourselves.  Friday we relaxed in the crystal clear water, paddle boarded around the bay and made some new friends.  That afternoon we read through our cruising guide and found out about the bubbling pools that you can hike to.  It was fun to hike over and relax in the quiet water.  That night a bunch of boats started to pile into the bay.  We didn’t think anything of it being Memorial Day weekend, but that definitely made a difference with the ambiance.   By Saturday morning the bay was filled with boats.  When I say boats, I mean large expensive sport fishing powerboats.  Some call them the Puerto Rican Navy.  There was over a hundred of them.
Saturday morning we went for a snorkel and explored the reef.  There was a lot to see.  Some of my favorites were the porcupine fish, trunkfish, stingray, and a giant coral head.  Another site on Culebrita is a large historic lighthouse at the top of the island.   Saturday afternoon we hiked up to check it out and to get cell phone service to call and order a boat part.  It was cool to see some of the history of the island, the local goats roaming around. 
The rest of the weekend was spent enjoying the water and exploring the islands small trails to different beaches and landmarks.  Living in St. Thomas we were so close to these amazing islands and beautiful sights that we were never able to explore.  We are having the time of our lives and enjoying this beautiful land and water.  

Sailing away from St. Thomas

Crew LOVES boat life!
Jake reading up on Puerto Rico, Culebra and Culebrita

A day relaxing enjoying the bay

Jake paddle boarding with our boat in the background
S/V Pura Vida

Walking to the bubbling baths

These shoes were made for walking

At the historic lighthouse on Culebrita

The Puerto Rican Navy

Relaxing on the deck after a long day

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