We are so excited to share with you these wonderful products/companies that are supporting us in this adventure.  We have independently sought out each of these companies to make them part of our journey.  These are products that we believe in and are so happy to have with us onboard.

If you are looking for an anchor or the needed accessories, this should be your first choice.  Mantus Anchors have an innovative design bringing reliability, and security with every drop of the hook.  They create products that make boating safer and easier.
We are "hooked" on Mantus Anchors, they give us worry free security!  Thank you Mantus Anchors for providing safety in our anchorages for our boat and family.  You can check them out here.

Kanberra products have our approval.  Water based, and alcohol-free, air purifier and surface cleaners that use Pure Australian Tea Tree Oil.  These chemical-free products can be safely used around kids and pets.
We discovered Kanberra Gel at the Annapolis Boat Show about 4 years ago.  Since then it is hard to live without these products.  The gel has kept our boat smelling nice and has help us prevent cockroaches, bacteria, viruses, and mold.  For more information visit their website.

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